Saturday, January 17, 2009



Wise creature, intelligent mind, restless always active, skilful in planning, loves meditation and reflection, likes to think a lot, make changes way in way out in their business or job, accept challenge full heartily and seldom make stupid mistakes,
The Snake are master planner, skilful organiser, and good in managing in their own style, has considerable business acumen, they are lucky in money matters and are financially stable in later years.

The advice to The Snake is not to gamble which is one of their greatest failures in life if they do so; born loser in most type of gambling and due to its challenging nature of ‘never say died’ may lose their fortune if they do not stop the habit.

Loves quieter, frenzied atmosphere always stay calm with its placid nature and dislike publicising or attraction on their personal life style. Just like real snakes, do not arouse or disturb them as they do not like interference on their matters or affairs.

They are slow in making decisions and hate to be pushed into making decisive actions because they rely on their own judgement rather than listening or seeking advice from others and at times can appear solitary.

Being quiet and quite reserved will find difficulty in communicating with others or will not spend time for idle gossip and will certainly not suffer fools gladly. However they do have a good sense of humour which is beneficial and appreciated in time of crisis.

The Snake is very determined and will not be afraid to work hard and can occasionally ruthless in order to achieve their goals. Their quick-witted mind, confidence and willpower will bring success to their ventures; should they failed to do so, it will take some time to recover and also a very bad loser because they cannot bear failures.

They can be evasive, protect their secrecy, distrust in others and do not allow others into their confidence; this sometimes can be their downfall and it is a trait that The Snake should try to overcome.

Part of The Snake character is his tendency to rest after any sudden or prolonged happenings of activity. It is advisable not to burn out their energy too much and if not careful will be susceptible to high blood pressure or even nervous breakdowns.

It had been mentioned sometimes that The Snake are slow starter in life mainly because it often take time in getting the right job which they are genuinely happy and feel stable. Profession like being a writer, researcher is suitable for The Snake because of sufficient freedom to express their plans or ideas and also be a good teacher, politician, personnel manager or social adviser.

The Snake is very choosy about making friends with others and while they keep tight control over their financial budget, sometimes can be generous to those they fancy. They demand much loyalty from their close aides but seldom spend freely buying gifts or treating them.

Through their renowned good looks they are always being surrounded with admirers and by nature they are possessive and can become extremely jealous; dislike being played out by others and easily feel hurt.

The female Snake in particular is most alluring, love to dress up expensively, acting gracefully impressing their circle of friends at social functions or gatherings especially to their partner. They are active in various forms of activities and their opinions are highly valued and seek by friends and associates. Although they are involved in many sorts of activities would like to retain a certain amount of privacy in their undertakings duly because they are generally a calm- natured character.

Romance and dating are very important to The Snake and will settle down after much romance of their choice. They are compatible well suited with The Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, and Rooster; unless provided with much freedom to pursue their ventures and interest, they will be able to build up good relation with The Horse, Rat, Goat, Monkey and Dog but not with another of its kind because of their jealously nature with each another.

Incompatible with the down to earth honest Pig, and will find The Tiger too much of a disruptive influence disturbing their peaceful environment and loving ways nature. Since they like finer things in life, a few of their interest includes; enjoy reading subjects such as political thinking, philosophy, religion sects or believes.

Being fascinated by the unknown, The Snake is always on the search for mind answers and they belong some of the world’s great and original thinkers whom rely a lot on physics and intuition although they denied admitting this.

Finally, The Snake is practically the most energetic among the Chinese Horoscope signs like to precede working, thinking, or other activities at their own pace mastering their own future throughout the lifetime. The Snake are some sort of a dabbler sometimes when expecting it; all its hard work and efforts will be recognised, will invariably meet up with its achievements, success and financial security which is of their desire.